Akiva Health



About Us:
Akiva Health Systems™ provides a game-changing multi-sided platform for more efficient and cost-effective health management. Engaging both providers and patients – and even beyond that – consumers’ “circle of health”, our customized applications and personalized tools enable interaction with and generation of health records needed for specific disease management such as mental health.

Our first product is MentQ™ (Mental Health Management, Optimized) and our primary focus at this point is mental health and mood/behavioral disorders where traditional EMR systems lack the required tools providers need to diagnose and track patients. Our platform brings simple and understandable views of health data to patients and consumers while retaining clinical credibility of records for providers’ use. Consumer behavioral change is key to engagement and adoption of our platform, which is achieved through traditional physician’s authority and baby-steps changes in how consumers/patients and their circle of health interact with and control their health data.

We’re Hiring:
Even if you don’t fit any of the positions listed, but are interested in HCIT and ready to disrupt the space, please send us a note! We are growing very rapidly, and will be having new openings very soon! If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at: careers@akivahealth.com

Biggest Triumph:
We have built our foundations, an amazing team, developed our first product MentQ™ which is being tested in a private beta, and are en route to big things!

How has FounderSoup helped?
While we haven’t found teammates through FounderSoup yet, we have made a lot of good contacts, and are still in touch with some of them. The experience also helped us a lot in improving our pitch, our communications, and in general our foundation.

What’s Next for you?
We are launching MentQ™, for use by all local Bay Area mental health clinics at the end of October, raising our seed round with top-notch healthcare IT VCs, and changing the horizon of healthcare IT the way it should have been done!

03/01/2012 Event: