D.C. Revolutions

One sentence pitch: D.C. Revolutions designs elegant wind turbines that attach to existing parking lot lights, saving companies money.

Check out Durell’s 90 second pitch and the transcription below:


D.C. Revolutions – FounderSoup from D.C. Revolutions

“We started with the question we ask ourselves every day: What if sustainability were sexy? What if renewable energy were beautiful? What would that mean for us in society? My name is Durell Coleman, and it’s my goal to change the way society views sustainability. Our company is called D.C. Revolutions. We design wind turbines that attach to existing streetlights, offsetting the power that companies use, and saving companies money. Our turbines don’t look like normal turbines. They don’t have big fan blades. They look more like rotating DNA strands. We recently finished a full-scale prototype, and we’ll be testing it for aesthetic value in the coming weeks. My background is in mechanical engineering. My business partner, Dean Young, the guy in the back with the beard, you’ll see him later, studied environmental policy and economics. We are really excited about adding talent to the team to move this vision forward. Specifically, we’re looking for a structural engineer as well as another engineer, possibly in mechatronics, to help move things forward on the power electronics and grid integration side. If you’re interested in having a dialogue around how to change the paradigm around sustainability, we’d love to talk to you later on.”

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