Jan 26 Event – Huge Success

For our second event, more than 170 Stanford entrepreneurial students attended.

20 teams pitched their business concept, coming from a variety of different Stanford schools: Software Engineering (6), Business (6), Design (3), Hardware (2), Medicine (2), and Law (1).  Read more about the 2012 “Idea” teams.

For the first time, we offered pitch practice sessions, with feedback, so that the “idea” teams could get feedback on their presentation before hitting the big stage!  This was a big success and we plan to expand on this at upcoming events.

At this event, each participant received a list of all teams presenting (with contact information) and submitted a scorecard (rating the top teams).  The contact information helps talent participants follow up with the teams they are interested in.  The scorecard allows us to get data on the best pitches to improve in the future…and gives us the information we need help connect the potential matches in the coming weeks.

Past successes:  From our pilot event, we had 4 teams find co-founders and two received funding.  Several of the other people who pitched ended up joining Venture Capital firms.

With a record turnout (by far), a larger variety of idea team applicants, and more ways for people to connect (business cards), we absolutely believe this event will build on the last.  We believe that Jan 26 was the moment of conception for several great companies of the future.